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Everyone benefits from Carbon Sequestration

Before European colonisation, the Australian outback was a savannah. We now have the opportunity to return it to savannah and in turn, create an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with so much of those benefits going back into regional and indigenous communities.


We can do this because the Quenda technology is unique in being able to sequester and measure real increases in the amount of CO2 captured in both the soil and biomass, at the same time. Currently almost all carbon sequestration projects in the rangelands of Australia are based on a methodology which estimates carbon sequestration based on satellite imagery derived from a computer model. It is little wonder that the credibility of these methodologies is being questioned.


The Quenda solves the verification problem because it will take real measurements, at real places, by digging real holes, taking real soil carbon measurements and taking real LIDAR images of real biomass in real time. This data will ultimately be able to be protected by blockchain and will be unequivocal.


We are currently in negotiations with several traditional owner groups in Western Australia on creating total carbon sequestration projects on a scale that dwarfs current projects. 


By jointly developing total carbon sequestration projects in with traditional owners they will be able to directly benefit from carbon sequestration whilst naturally healing country. This will also enable use to create real advanced jobs for indigenous kids in remote communities, and allow for the Quenda to be integrated into ranger programs.

Soil Carbon Levels diagram.png
Australian Savanah NT.jpg

Before European colonisation, the Australian outback was a savannah.

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